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Best Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Products

Best Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Products

These days, supermarket aisles are packed with GF options for nearly every Thanksgiving staple. Who has the time to sort the bad from the good, determining which products are worthy of your family dinner table? We do. We’ve rounded up six vetted products that will make your gluten-free Thanksgiving that much easier – without sacrificing taste or quality. We’re even throwing in a little recipe inspiration that pairs perfectly with some of these awesome products. Gratitude is the reason for the season, and we’re giving thanks for these six gluten-free, Thanksgiving-ready products.

1. Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix.

trader joes gluten free pumpkin bread

Three cheers for Trader Joe’s and their commitment to offering awesome gluten-free equivalents of seasonal staples all year round. This year, their GF pumpkin bread & muffin mix is a can’t-miss product to add to your Thanksgiving shopping list. We love it because it’s super easy and actually tastes like ‘real’ pumpkin bread – impress your GF (and non-GF) friends by tossing in a handful of chopped, toasted nuts or chocolate chips for a sweeter side dish. Want to dress your pumpkin bread up for the holiday? Check out this recipe for homemade orange cream cheese

2. Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix.

trader joes gluten free stuffing mix

While we’re talking Trader Joe’s, their gluten-free stuffing mix is another great GF alternative to a T-Day classic. Many GF folks are used to skipping the stuffing (tragedy!) at the family dinner table, but this boxed mix is a simple way to bring the joys of turkey stuffing back into the lives of your GF guests.

One of the many great things about Trader Joe’s is that they tend to use ingredients that are a notch above your average boxed mix, so while this product only costs five or six bucks, it has a great seasoning blend (celery, mushroom, onion, sage, oregano…!) and hits the right consistency with a mix of rice flour, brown rice flour, and tapioca starch to make GF croutons. Friendly reminder: when you’re shopping for that perfect turkey to pair with your GF stuffing, don’t forget that not all turkey ingredients are gluten-free. Check out this list of turkeys that are labeled gluten-free.

3. McCormick’s Gluten-Free Gravy Mix.

mccormick brown gravy

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a bowl of gravy to pass, but most traditional gravy recipes are not gluten-free. Of course a homemade GF gravy recipe will be best, but the busy host will be grateful for McCormick’s gluten-free gravy mix – just add water and it’s all gravy.  Make it your own by getting creative with seasoning or even using the mix to make something more ambitious, like mushroom gravy. Looking for inspiration on other dishes to smother in GF gravy? This year, we’ll be whipping up these garlic mashed potatoes, deliciously roasted and blissfully buttery.

4. Chebe Dinner Rolls.

Other things you can smother in gravy: dinner rolls. No one said that Thanksgiving meals should be healthy, but the simple, natural ingredients in Chebe rolls will make you forget Pillsbury ever existed. While there is some assembly required to take this all-purpose mix from box to biscuit, it calls for just four ingredients and 25 minutes of your time. You can always opt for frozen dinner rolls from Udi’s or Rudi’s in a pinch, but for the best flavor and freshness, go with Chebe. Looking for a dessert recipe that captures the spirit of the season? Repurpose the same Chebe mix and whip up GF pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  

5. Pamela’s Cornbread Mix.

pamelas gluten free cornbread mix

We already have GF pumpkin bread and GF dinner rolls on the table – why not make it a GF trifecta and add cornbread into the mix? We’re happy to report that there are many GF cornbread options to choose from – but Pamela’s cornbread mix tops the list for its commitment to better ingredients (they even use organic corn!) and an easy-to-use, versatile bread mix. Added bonus: it’s non-dairy. Give Pamela’s Sweet Old-Fashioned Cornbread recipe a try – it’ll make everyone feel right at home for the holidays.


6. Whole Foods Pumpkin Pie.

Who could forget dessert? Assuming a few of your guests have not yet entered a GF food coma, a warm slice of pumpkin pie should do the trick. For a pumpkin pie that is truly superior (think organic ingredients, meticulously spiced), stop by your neighborhood Whole Foods and pick up a gluten-free pumpkin pie. Baked in the Whole Foods bakery and sold in Frozen Foods, their pies taste homemade with real pumpkin flavor and a gluten-free crust that won’t crumble when cut. Wondering what to do with all that time you saved by not making a gluten-free pie from scratch? Try your hand at making homemade whipped cream – it only takes about five minutes, a handful of ingredients, and tastes way better than the storebought stuff.


What gluten-free dishes are on your Thanksgiving dinner menu this year? Share your favorite recipes and go-to ingredients with us in the comments below!