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We’re just two brothers
who trusted our guts

We had two common problems. We were gluten intolerant and we didn’t like the gluten-free foods options available to us. So, we decided to make our own, and The Gluten Free Brothers was born.

We’re out to change the way good-for-you food tastes

Tired of choosing between good-for-you food and food that actually tastes good? So were we. That’s why we set out to create recipes that were full of things we ought to eat, and still, somehow ridiculously tasty. 

That pretty much sums up everything we make at The GFB. It’s all simple, honest, gluten-free, plant-based food. And all incredibly good to eat.

We do it all ourselves…the right way

From the very start, we were on a mission to make gluten-free foods better. So, while other companies hire out production, we operate our own facility and hire a local workforce. And we make each product in small batches––the way you would at home, if you had a really really big kitchen. That way, we can control every step in the process.

At The GFB, we believe that making our own great products comes with great responsibility. We became a Certified B Corp just to underscore how seriously we take sustainability. And we’re proud to also operate a zero-waste facility.

We start with the best stuff and add protein

We use high-quality ingredients that are not only certified gluten free; they’re also non-GMO verified, vegan, and certified kosher.

Then we blend those great ingredients into recipes that exceed our customers’ high standards for great-tasting snacks. The result: every product you find in our growing line of gluten-free goodness is truly good for you and tastes, yes, amazing.

Our products include protein. And it’s good, plant-based protein. That’s why The GFB’s products satisfy your cravings for good-for-you snacks but they don’t leave you hungering for more 10 minutes later.

We’re also out to change the world – at least our corner of it

Once we got the hang of making our amazing recipes, we wondered what else our company could make. A more supportive workplace? A stronger community? Even a healthier planet?

It turns out that with a little (or sometimes a lot of) effort, even a small company like ours could do all of those things. That’s why we’ve put in the work to become a Certified B Corporation,  transforming our plant into a zero-waste facility that runs on solar and wind power and staffing it with an inclusive hiring policy.

We don’t just say we make good-for-you foods in good-for-you ways. We live it.

B Corp


As a Certified B Corp, we’re one of just about 120 U.S. and Canadian food companies that have met the highest standards in social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. When it comes to doing business right, it doesn’t get any better than B.