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Based on 3455 reviews
Oatmeal Raisin Bars
Carol (United States)
These are wonderful protein bars

I've been getting these protein bars regularly for several years and I love them. They're a great snack between meals and can be a substitute meal in a pinch.

Blueberry Almond GRAIN FREE Bites
Paula Ford (United States)
Healthy snack

The bites are tasty and healthy. I was disappointed that the bags had less in them than before and same price.

Dark Chocolate Almond Bites
Heidi Matthew (United States)

I got many of the bites. I liked the bites but it lacked a bit of chocolatey flavor. I loved the choc. cherry.

Taste Great!

Will reorder for sure!


great taste, love these!!

Coconut Cashew Bites
C. (United States)
Great snack

Not too sweet. Easy to pack for hikes. Love the taste. Low sugar and some protein. Keep hunger at bay and recharge.

Bites Custom Box (6 Count)
Jean Sutherland (United States)
Incredibly delicious!!

Thank you for making such healthy and delectable food:)
I am enjoying everything, and will tell everyone I know about your compassionately made products!
I wish you every success!!
With gratitude,

Jeanie Sutherland

Bars Sample Pack
JAN (United States)
Great taste!

Especially like the cranberry almond! Great company!

The best snack bites ever!!! Customer service is great and although my package came a bit late it was more than 1000% worth it.

The best snack bites ever!!! Customer service is great and although my package came a bit late it was more than 1000% worth it.

The best snack bites ever!!! Customer service is great and although my package came a bit late it was more than 1000% worth it.

Coconut Cashew Bites
Diane B. (United States)
Just Enough Sweet! Chewy Coconut!

These have become my favorite Bites! Not too sweet but enough to satisfy the sweet tooth while snacking on something healthy.
Plus I love the Chewiness of coconut. Fills you up better.
My favorite Bars continue to be the Peanut Butter Bars! Excited to try Peanut Butter Bites!

Bars Sample Pack
Michele Norman (United States)
So tasty

My favorite is the oatmeal raisin. It was very good.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites
Michelle Nardini (United States)

Love this stuff! Always sent on on time. Simple packaging that are composable or reusable.

Coconut Cashew Bites
Phyllis Hubbard (United States)

Before I discovered these delicious snacks there was very little to choose from that was good and healthy. These are the only ones that I can eat and not get sick because chocolate does not agree with me. Thank you so very much for coming up with these yummy snacks!

Fudge Brownie NUT FREE Bites
Naysen Robertson (United States)
Tasty, but watch out for QC

Several 18-packs just arrived. I cracked open the first and sampled a few of these tasty GF fudge balls. The size and calories density is just right to slip a relatively healthy snack in between lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch, post workout, etc. I mention QC (Quality Control) in my review title because in just the first pack of 18, I had a couple white packs with only 2 of the 3 balls included. I haven't cracked open my other 18-packs to see how prevalent this issue is across multiple packs. It's tedious to feel for the small circles in the plastic bags also. It would be nice if some included a 4th ball, but so far just under-ages. So minus one star for the minus 1-balls.

Dark Chocolate Almond Bars
Camille (United States)
Great taste

Great for morning or early evening snack at work

Fruit, Nuts and Seeds Oatmeal
Kelly Meade (United States)

I found your product while vacationing in Kauai and knew that this would be my new breakfast for camping/backcountry hiking.

Peanut Butter Bites
Terri Bolt (United States)

Great taste. Travels well. I will try other products. Is there a granola or trail mix?

Fruit, Nuts and Seeds Oatmeal
Fiona Bradshaw (United States)
My every morning "go to”!

Fast, easy, healthy, and delicious! Everything I want!

Blueberry Almond GRAIN FREE Bites
Terri Bolt (United States)
Gf bites

Tasty and filling. Not too sweet

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites
Mary Clark (United States)
Yummy bites!

I have tried almost all the flavors of bites and they are all good, but my most favorite is the dark chocolate coconut bites. They have a deep, rich chocolate flavor, topped off with delicious coconut. They are very filling and satisfying.

Fudge Brownie NUT FREE Bites
Jennifer G (United States)
Love these

These are terrific. I love the chocolate taste of these. The size is just right as are the calories as I try to diet.

Blueberry Almond GRAIN FREE Bites
Claudia Heinbuck (United States)

Very tasty!

Bites Top Sellers Sample Pack
Kaylee Phillips (United States)

addictive!!! my absolute favorite!