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Thinking of Going GF? Start Here.

Thinking of Going GF? Start Here.

Many of us are adding or subtracting certain things in quest of a healthier lifestyle. Plus a morning run or meditation. Minus sugary drinks or second helpings. You know the drill.

If you’re paying attention to the kinds of things that make you feel good, sooner or later, you’ll run across the idea of eating gluten-free. You’ll hear people—even those without celiac disease—talking about how removing gluten from their diet has changed something for the better, and you want to see for yourself.

So you’ve been looking around at gluten-free options, trying a few recipes, and seeing what’s on the shelves. If that’s how you found us, you’re in good company!

Growing up gluten-intolerant, we always liked the idea of eating better but couldn’t get too excited about the “health food” we found. Sure, it may have been missing gluten and extra sugar, but let’s be honest, it was also missing the best part of snacks: great taste and texture.

That’s how we started making our own gluten-free snacks, using real ingredients (like nuts and fruits) with real, crave-able flavors…and we even threw in a little indulgence like dark chocolate and toasted coconut to seal the deal.

From Bars to Bites, we think our snacks are the kind of food we’d eat even if we didn’t want to eat gluten-free. When the foods you “can” eat are the same foods you want to eat, it’s a whole lot easier to fit them into your equation, subtracting less healthy choices in favor of snacks with real nutrients and no gluten. Give it a try, and let us know how the benefits add up.