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5 Ways to Feel Good Over the Holidays

5 Ways to Feel Good Over the Holidays

Here come the holidays! And with them, all kinds of get-togethers, to-do lists, and eating on the go. While we love the rush of the season, we know from experience that it can be tricky to eat right in the midst of everything else going on around you. But since we’ve been gluten-intolerant for our whole lives, we’ve figured out a few ways to keep the good times rolling without overcomplicating it.

1. Treat yourself. One of the main reasons we started The GFB is that we craved the great taste and flavor combos we saw other people enjoying and wanted a gluten-free version that would be just as good. Our chef hit that ball out of the park, giving us a whole bunch of recipes that look and taste so amazing that everyone wants a Bite (or a Bar), and we can sink our teeth into real chocolate, nuts, and fruit that satisfies our sweet tooth and the urge to indulge over the holidays.

2. Keep up your energy. Work party, shopping, holiday concerts, menu prep…whew! The buzzy pace of this time of year keeps all of us hopping from one event to another, often without time for a trip to the grocery store or a chance to sit down for a meal. We’ve found that carrying a few Bars or a bag of Bites is a great way to keep us going on the run, knocking out our hunger with plant protein so we can stay focused and enjoy all the fun.

3. De-complicate your life. If you’re the kind of person who loves to experiment with new ingredients and recipes, feel free—and invite us over! But if testing gluten-free flours, cooking times, etc. would take time and effort that you can’t spare over the holidays, you can lean on us instead. We’ve already sourced delicious ingredients, taste-tested different combos, and perfected our recipes, so serving up a tasty holiday snack can be as simple as opening a bag. Ta-da!

4. Be a better host. You’re about to bring out the holiday cookies, but wait! One guest is vegan. Another is allergic to dairy. And you’re eating gluten-free. Instead of scratching your head trying to find a recipe that works for everyone, we like to provide options, labeling each plate to help people find the foods that work for them. With so many of us trying different regimens, this is a thoughtful way to serve a crowd, and we’ve found that people (whether they’re gluten-free or not) are often excited to discover that the Bites they thought were cookies are actually guilt-free, good-for-you foods.

5. Try something new. While the holidays are all about traditions, it’s always fun to discover something new. Maybe a cousin gets you into yoga, a new in-law shares something from their culture, or your brother suggests that you start eating more plant-based foods or go gluten-free. Our Bites and Bars are so tasty that it’s easy to take that first step—and if you like what you taste or how you feel, you’ll stick to it, making our gluten-free Bites or Bars one of your favorite new go-to foods.

Ready, set, go…Bring on the holidays, and bring on that yummy gluten-free food!