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Gluten-Free BBQ Like a BOSS

Gluten-Free BBQ Like a BOSS

You look like you could use some barbecue. It’s a mad, mad world out there, but we’ve never met a problem that a good old-fashioned BBQ couldn’t fix. You deserve the very best in GF BBQ, and that’s why we’ve been hard at work to uncover the good stuff. Skip the trial-and-error — stick with us and you’ll GFBBQ like a boss this summer. Here’s our ultimate guide to GF grilling, drinking, and eating.

Pro Tip #1: Many of the keywords in this post are fully clickable. Click through for links to our favorite recipes and most trusted GF BBQ products. It’s a GF gold mine in here.


Since most meats are naturally gluten-free (can we get an amen?!), we’ll leave that part to you. But no matter what you’re grilling, you’re going to want to slather it in delicious BBQ sauce. From grilled veggies to GF hot dogs, everything tastes better served up with a sweet, smoky sauce. Not all BBQ sauces are GF, but here are the best ones that are:

Sweet Baby Ray’s. You can’t  beat the classics. Most of their BBQ sauces are now gluten-free, search for your favorite on their site. We love their Sweet ‘n Spicy sauce, with jalapeño and molasses. Beware: the spice level is not for the faint of heart.

Annie’s Natural BBQ Sauces. All organic, all delicious. If you’re a sucker for smokey flavor, don’t miss their Organic Smokey Maple BBQ Sauce for a firey and sweet sauce. Go for their Original Recipe BBQ sauce for a low-carb, flavorful spread. We can practically smell the ribs already.

Bill’s Best Organic BBQ SaucesBill’s sauces are a great reminder that some of the best options out there are homegrown. Bill’s BBQ sauces are made with organic, locally-sourced ingredients and have carefully curated flavor profiles. Stop by your local farmers’ market and support a locally-owned BBQ sauce company.

Homemade BBQ sauce. More of a DIY type? Strap on your apron and try your hand at making a sauce of your own. When the recipe calls for Worcestershire Sauce, we recommend brands like Heinz and Lea & Perrins for a GF option. Beware: many other store-bought Worcestershire Sauces are not gluten-free.

Pro Tip #2: You don’t have to go bun-less. Pick up GF hot dog and burger buns from awesome companies like Canyon Bakehouse or Udi’s. Want to make your gluten-loving friends jealous? Show up with a pack of Gilbert’s Sausages GF Beer Brat made with GFB-approved beer, Lakefront New Grist. Yes, please!

The Brews

Just say no to red wine at BBQs — those days are behind us. With more GF beer options than ever before, there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best for your BBQ booze. Our 2016 Gluten-Free Beer Guide gives you a flavor profile and five-star rating for popular GF beers so that you can BBQ with a beer you’ll love. From the canned glory of the Fox Tail Pale Ale to Glutenberg’s roasted Red Ale, your beer game will be strong at this year’s summer cook-outs. We’ll let you decide if you’re willing to split the 6-pack.

Prep Tips

In order to GFBBQ like a boss, you’ll have to master the art of safely grilling gluten-free. More likely than not, you’ll be working with a shared grill, a shared kitchen, and potluck-style dishes. Here are three tips that every GF BBQ Boss should know:

Clean That Grill

Crank up the heat, burn off as much residue as possible, then clean with soapy water. No time to clean? In a pinch, use tin foil to protect your grilled items from cross-contamination.

Bring Your Own Utensils

All that grill cleaning won’t do you any good if you’re using contaminated tongs, knives, etc. to handle your food. Play it safe and bring your own.

Read Labels

When the picnic table is crowded with chips and dips of unknown origin, read every label and make no assumptions. And remember, you can always search the item in the GFB’s GF Food List for our GF confidence score. If you can’t track down the label or the owner of the snack, skip it. You brought your own delicious GF snacks, anyways.

Are you the King (or Queen!) of the GF Grill? Share your favorite BBQ recipes, sauces, and pro tips with us in the comments below!

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