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From Gluten-Free FOMO to Holiday Fun

From Gluten-Free FOMO to Holiday Fun

Feeling a little FOMO (fear of missing out) this December? Fo’ sho’. When you’re gluten-intolerant, every holiday spread, office treat, and night out can seem like reminders of what you can’t eat, making you feel a little bit left out and a whole lot deprived.

We’ve been there, and we’ve also seen first-hand how disappointing many so-called “health foods” and gluten-free “treats” can be when they’re side by side with traditional cookie plates and other holiday goodies. It’s either stand in the corner listening to everyone else ooh and ahh over something you can’t or shouldn’t eat, or give in and face dire consequences. Not much of a choice.

So when we got the idea to make our own gluten-free snacks, you’d better believe that we told our chef to go BIG on flavors and textures. From peanuts and cashews to toasted coconut, real fruit, and even rich dark chocolate, we wanted it all! And lucky for us (and everybody else), he delivered.

Sure, we can’t always count on restaurants and other hosts serving up an appealing option that’s on our can-or-should-eat list. That’s just not realistic. But we don’t have to live with the FOMO—and neither should you. As a little gift to yourself this holiday season, read through all the flavor descriptions on our Bites and Bars, and pick a couple that pique your interest. Some of them are so dessert-y and candy-bar like that even we find it hard to believe they’re actually gluten-free, but they are!

Then keep a bag or two with you for those FOMO moments—your own private stash of nutty, coconutty, chocolatey indulgence. When the moment’s right, take a bite and savor those flavors. You can even “ooh” and “ahh” a little. Because you’re not missing out, you’re giving your tastebuds exactly the kind of experience they crave, all while taking care of what your body needs with gluten-free, plant-based, honest-to-goodness good-for-you food.

Come New Year’s, you’ll be in the perfect place to start 2023, looking forward to a whole new year of feeling good and eating right, leaving FOMO in the past, and trusting our delicious Bites fo’ the win.