The authors behind theglutenfreeblog.net

Jillian Rodriguez (jillian@theglutenfreebar.com)
Jillian is a professional writer with Celiac Disease and has been gluten-free since 2006. She has worked as a freelance writer and editor with several diverse organizations, both remotely and in house. Aside from actually being gluten-free, Jillian is exceptionally well-informed on the nuances of eating gluten free and is connected to several gluten free and Celiac organizations across the country. She has also helped several people transition to a gluten-free diet by providing resources, information, and support. Through these experiences, she has learned how to make a gluten-free diet fun, interesting, and a lot less daunting.

Marshall Rader (marshall@theglutenfreebar.com)
Marshall is a Celiac and founder of The GFB (the parent company of The Gluten Free Blog). Having been diagnosed as Celiac in 2005, Marshall (along with his brother, Elliott) has been on a mission to create the best gluten-free snacks on the planet. Launching and running a gluten-free snack company has required that Marshall be extremely well-versed in gluten-free requirements, certifications, labeling, ingredients, and manufacturing processes

Elliott Rader (elliott@theglutenfreebar.com)
Elliott is gluten-intolerant and, as a partner in The GFB, is also extremely knowledgeable about all facets of the gluten-free food industry. He is responsible for building and maintaining the extensive gluten-free food list on this site as well as contributing content and managing the blog.

Jeremy Sher (jeremy@theglutenfreebar.com)
Jeremy has worked in pastry kitchens since 1994 in every area of food service from retail to restaurants, from catering to hotels & resorts. In Seattle, he worked at the five-star, five-diamond rated Four Seasons Olympic Hotel, as well as the nationally distributed chocolatier, Dilettante Chocolates. Jeremy was also the resident Pastry Chef at the Château de Saint Julien l’Ars outside Poitiers, France, and has created fine pastries and breads all over the world, including Germany, Ecuador, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis and Glacier National Park, Montana. He has consulted and taught private and corporate workshops for the past 11 years, and has helped open several restaurants and bakeries nationwide. He started developing gluten-free recipes as a result of increased demand, and now thoroughly enjoys it. He holds a B.S. in Mass Communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and an A.A.S. in Pastry and Specialty Baking from South Seattle Community College under Pastry Chefs Jean Claude Berger and Daghild Wittmann-Rick.