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Are Oats Gluten-Free?


This is one of the biggest questions in the gluten-free community. While oats are naturally gluten-free, cross contamination can occur while growing, storing, and processing of oats. In other words, unless oats are certified gluten-free (or claim they are gluten-free) you can assume that they contain gluten from cross-contamination. There are several varieties of oats out there that have been certified gluten-free (such as Bob’s Red Mill).


Both the Mrs Dash Pot Roast seasoning packet and the Chili seasoning packet contain wheat. The Pot roast packet lists wheat as the second ingredient. Both packets say “contains wheat”. There is no way they can be gluten free. The pot roast seasoning aggravated my stomach each time I used it (3 times). For some reason the chili packet did not.

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