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We Are More Than The Gluten Free Bar. We're The GFB.

We Are More Than The Gluten Free Bar. We're The GFB.

Sometimes you start something with a very specific idea and then you look back and the idea you had when you first started has grown. It hasn't fundamentally changed, it's just bigger than what you started with. That's what happened to us with The GFB.

Back in 2010, we thought the world needed a better gluten-free bar, so that's what we did. We wanted a simple product with simple, honest ingredients and a simple name. The Gluten Free Bar seemed simple enough, so that's what we called ourselves. Then a few years later we started making Bites. And then a few years after that, we were making Oatmeal. All of a sudden, "The Gluten Free Bar"  started making less and less sense.

We're making a change: going forward we'll be referring to ourselves as The GFB. Many of you already call us The GFB, and as a brand, we find that we need to be intentional and transparent with changes, so that's why we're writing this.

We know you're just dying to hear more. Here is our list of the positives and negatives of this change.
  • POSITIVE: It simplifies how we describe the company vs. a specific product
  • POSITIVE: It gives us more flexibility for product line expansion
  • POSITIVE: It prepares us to talk about more than gluten-free
  • NEGATIVE: It could be perceived that gluten-free is no longer important to us
We always have and always will have a #1 priority of making certified gluten-free products. That's how we built this business so removing "Gluten Free" from our brand name is a big deal for us. The fact is that the market for gluten-free snacks is so much larger now and many consumers come to expect that snacks will be gluten-free. It's actually not as much of a differentiator as it once was. We are also more than gluten-free...we're vegan and non-GMO and high-protein and we're a B Corp...and the list goes on.
    Becoming The GFB does not mean we've changed, it simply is a way for us to mark an evolution in our company - thanks for coming along on the journey.