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The story behind The GFB Grain Free Bites - An Interview with Marshall.

The story behind The GFB Grain Free Bites - An Interview with Marshall.

This is Marshall, in our warehouse, with a hairnet on, talking about grain-free GFB Bites.

We asked Marshall (one of the founders and main product thinker-upper) some questions about the new Grain Free GFB Bites...here's what he had to say.

Why grain-free?
There are so many of us have experimented with Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto and Whole 30 diets to see what works, what makes us feel better, and what gives us more energy. Perhaps your attempt at Whole 30 became the Whole 11 or your Keto diet started out strong but had side effects. Don't get me wrong...there are still a lot of positives from trying these diets and I admire the people that stick to them. At the very least, trying these diets help us understand what foods our body likes and what it doesn't. 

The one common thing that Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto, and Whole 30 diets all share is that they are Grain-Free. We feel strongly that reducing grain consumption does play a role in better health and that *most* people would feel better if they were more mindful about their grain consumption. Giving consumers that choice is the primary reason that we developed Grain Free GFB Bites.

How did we make these Bites grain-free?
For the development of Grain Free Bites, it is more about what is in there vs. what is not. First, we wanted to challenge ourselves to make the product as nutritionally dense and nutritionally diverse as possible - so it's more than a great tasting snack, it's also a source of a lot of good things we need in our diets. To do that, we added more nuts - almonds or hazelnuts are the #1 ingredients on all the flavors. Then we wanted to make sure we had some micronutrients covered - that's where blueberries, banana, chia, and a little organic dark chocolate came in. To make it grain free, we swapped out brown rice for cassava.

Why these flavors?
We chose the flavors for a few reasons. We've received so many requests the past couple years to feature more fruit flavors, so we wanted to make sure we took that into account. Secondly, we wanted to make sure we had products that were more of "all day" flavors, especially for those of us that are time challenged around breakfast, our new Blueberry Almond and Banana Nut are two flavors that are killer for breakfast - and really any time of the day. The Dark Chocolate Hazelnut is our spin on Healthy Nutella...this one is amazing.]

Who are these for?
Our new Grain-Free Bites are really for anyone looking to pack more nutrition into their snacking. Tons of good stuff in there - Almonds, Hazelnuts, Fruits (Blueberries, Bananas, Dates), Chia Seeds, complete protein from Pea & Pumpkin Seed Protein. It's a very simple ingredient list and there is no settling - awesome flavor, nutrition density, and great ingredients. 

Will there be more GFB grain free products?
That is up to you! Please let us know what you think. We're continuing to work on new varieties so please let us know what you think!