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The GFB Shipping FAQs

Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We ship directly from our facility in Grand Rapids, MI

Q: How quickly will you ship my order?
A: We ship the vast majority of our orders within 24 hours (during business days). For example, if you order on Monday your package should ship by Tuesday. If you order on a Friday or the weekend, your order should ship by Monday.

Q: What shipping method do you use?
A: We ship via USPS or UPS - it depends on your location but generally UPS is used for larger orders or West Coast destinations and USPS is used everywhere else.

Q: How does free shipping work?
A: We ship all sample packs free of charge. If your order contains *only* sample packs, the system will not apply a shipping charge. However if your order contains a sample pack AND and a regular item(s), the system will include a $7 shipping charge (unless the total order is $50+).
If your order is over $50 (after you apply any coupon code) you will see that FREE SHIPPING has been applied to your order. If for some reason you do not see FREE SHIPPING, double check the Shipping Options drop down. Note: Free Shipping only applies to US

Q: Why do you even charge shipping?
A: We don't like to charge for it, but shipping is expensive. Our average shipment cost is almost $9, so even if we charge $7 for shipping it still doesn't cover the total cost.

Q: I live in Canada, what are shipping charges for me?
A: For Canadian orders, shipping charges are calculated based on our actual shipping costs. It can get really expensive and we're sorry about that. FYI: most of our products are available on amazon.ca