Marshall and Elliott - The Gluten Free Brothers

We're Marshall and Elliott...two brothers that definitely don't do well with the gluten. We started The GFB way back in 2010 in what we consider the stone age of gluten-free foods. At the time there simply was not a good-tasting, high-protein, gluten-free nutrition bar. We definitely needed one to get by so we decided to make one ourselves and The GFB was born.

Since then, gluten-free foods have come a long way, but we've stayed true to our roots...making stuff that tastes really good and is actually good for you. It seems that our customers have connected with our mission as we have managed to take this business from making bars in a tiny shared gluten-free kitchen into employing a local work force making thousands of our products every day, in our own 28,000 certified gluten-free facility.

The GFB Circa 2010

The GFB Circa 2017

One thing that we do very differently than many other food manufacturers is that we run our own food production facility. It's extremely challenging, but we've gotten good at it and it something that we're really proud of for several reasons:

  • • We can provide jobs for our local community
  • • We can keep a really close eye on quality making sure our customers get the best possible products
  • • We can control our production runs to make sure our customers get the freshest possible products
  • • We're not at the mercy of co-packers - this means that we can control our costs and keep our products affordable

From the very beginning, we've always felt strongly that if we're going to create a company, we should do be doing things the right way. As we've evolved, we've come to learn that it's called building a sustainable business with a triple bottom line of: people, planet, profits. We've taken it a step further and are actually a Certified B Corp.

A few examples of what we are doing as a Certified B Corp.

  • • Procedures and framework now in place to become a certified zero waste facility (anticipated certification in Oct 2018)
  • • Approximately 10 returning citizens (formerly incarcerated) currently employed at The GFB
  • • Enhanced our team member volunteer program - The GFB now sponsors 24 hours per team member per year of paid volunteer service
  • • Increased average hourly rate for production staff by 21% from 2016-2017
  • • Planning to offer comprehensive health benefits by early 2018