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Fudge Brownie NUT FREE Bites

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Grab & Go 0.85 oz pouch; 18 Count
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Soft, chewy, chocolatey, nut-free* — and oh yeah, ready to go wherever you do! We’ve filled each box of chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites with 18 convenient 3 packs…just right for a week or two of school lunches, trips to the gym, or wherever your adventures take you. Made with tasty, gluten-free, plant-based ingredients and less sugar than many other snacks, they’re good-for-you goodies that the whole family will love.

*While our recipe is 100% nut-free and we have strict allergen control policies, these are produced in a facility where peanuts and tree nuts are present.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Naysen Robertson (United States)
Tasty, but watch out for QC

Several 18-packs just arrived. I cracked open the first and sampled a few of these tasty GF fudge balls. The size and calories density is just right to slip a relatively healthy snack in between lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch, post workout, etc. I mention QC (Quality Control) in my review title because in just the first pack of 18, I had a couple white packs with only 2 of the 3 balls included. I haven't cracked open my other 18-packs to see how prevalent this issue is across multiple packs. It's tedious to feel for the small circles in the plastic bags also. It would be nice if some included a 4th ball, but so far just under-ages. So minus one star for the minus 1-balls.

Jennifer G (United States)
Love these

These are terrific. I love the chocolate taste of these. The size is just right as are the calories as I try to diet.

Linda Gleeson (United States)

Fudge Brownie NUT FREE Bites

Lorry Thorne (United States)
Grandkids love them

My granddaughter has a nut allergy, and so many snacks are made in facilities that contain nuts. She and her older brother love them.

Rachel Woolbright (United States)
Fudge Brownie all the way!

I found my top snack from GFB and it is this! They do taste like brownies and they don't get stuck in your teeth! I am so excited that they made an all chocolate version of these and I will be enjoying them for many years to come!