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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

$5.50 - $30.00

This is one of those snacks where you take a bite and then you kinda pull back and look at the snack with a quizzical expression, and then you look at the package, and you think "there's no way this is healthy" and kinda shake your head a little when you see that it is indeed healthy and has a lot of protein and is vegan and non-GMO and the people around you kinda see you making weird expressions and moving your head all around but don't really care that much cause they're more interested in their Instagram feed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Jenviz08 (United States)
Yum Yum

So tasty and flavorful. Simply delicious and very addictive. Good quality and great ingredients. The individual packaging is perfect for a quick healthy treat. My new go to snack.

T.L. (United States)
Unexpectedly delicious!

Didn't think these would be good and bought them with an open mind! I am sensitive to gluten so I was hoping they would be worth a try for a healthy snack at work. Wish they were sold in a bigger bag, I'll be done with these in the next day or two! Will definitely buy more!

Debbie Valentine (United States)

Love these !! Will be one of your best customer !delicious !!!!

Kate Killoran (United States)
SO yummy!

I'm obsessed with the grab & go pouches, and the dark chocolate peanut butter tastes like the caramel apples you get at the grocery store, but SO MUCH better.

Kelly Garrison (United States)
They're delicious

Love them. Tried other flavors but any of the fruit flavors taste sort of chemically...but the chocolate peanut butter is delicious.