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Letter From The Founder #3: Kids Eat the Darndest Things...

Letter From The Founder #3: Kids Eat the Darndest Things...

As many parents know, getting your kids to eat healthy...or just eat...can be a real challenge. Many times, even pizza and chicken tenders are often scoffed at and pushed aside. It can seem as if nothing makes sense...they may love apples, but dislike chocolate...and sometimes it changes day to day. As parents, we try to do our best and provide mostly healthy things to eat, but we’re realists and know that their diet is not going to be perfect. Let’s keep them fed and happy and move on.

My wife and I have two boys - the oldest is nearly 4 and the youngest is 2.  While these guys certainly have their differences, two things are true: 1. mealtime is often a challenge, and 2. they both eat a lot of GFB’s.

Granted, my office is stocked with GFB Bars, Bites and Oatmeal. The kids have seen the logo since they were born. I'm clearly biased...I think GFB’s taste amazing, but what do these guys really think? Do they eat GFB’s because they love them or because they know Dad works there?

Nearly every morning, Landon (4 year old) will say: “Dad, can I have a raisin GFB” (this has evolved from calling it a "purple GFB"). Logan, the 2 year old, will do his best to say “GFB! GFB!", and while he doesn't love every flavor, he can't get enough of the peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, and coconut flavor Bars and Bites.

I find it amazing that given all the snacks we have out there today, it is still hard to find a better-for-you product that the kids actually enjoy (Handi Snacks liquid “cheese”, I'm looking at you). That's one of the main reasons we’re doing what we can to help by introducing Mini Bars and Bites Twins (single serving packages of two Bites). Mini Bars are currently available on our website in 8 packs. Bites Twins are currently available in 20 packs at Costco Midwest locations. Both products will soon be available on our website in custom cases, so stay tuned for that...

Here is what they look like:

What challenges do you face when trying to find healthy snacks for your kids? What do your kids like to eat? What could we do to make feeding your kids easier or better?