Is Jell-O Pudding Gluten Free?

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All varieties of Jell-O Pudding are gluten free, and it is the policy of Kraft foods to note any ingredient on the label that contains gluten.

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  • gigglydude

    You are incorrect I spoke to Kraft today tjey stated ALL their artificial flavors and colorings have gluten. So basically any product they sell

    • theglutenfreebar

      We would have to agree with Elizby – Kraft does have a strict gluten labeling policy and we have never heard of people having an issue with Jell-O pudding. Is there any way you can get this information in writing?

  • Elizby

    Are you sure that you spoke to a Kraft representative? Kraft’s disclosure policy has been long-standing. I am a pretty sensitive celiac and I have never had a problem with pudding cups.

  • Shelly Morgan

    I was wondering this as well. I have been doing the Herbalife diet using Herbalife allergy free mix but not using the protein powder since it has milk and wheat. But the recipes I have call for all the different flavors of Jello-O pudding mix to make the different flavored shakes. For some reason just the last 3 days I have been so very sick. It was right after I used the Pumpkin Pie Pudding mix so I have to say there is something in that one that is really bothering my insides ;(

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