Are Nature Valley Granola Bars Gluten Free?

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Nature Valley makes a wide variety of granola bars, some flavors are labeled gluten-free, and many others make no gluten-free claim. We are not currently providing an updated list of which flavors are gluten-free because their packaging and gluten-free claims have changed very quickly and we have received many differing reports from people around the US. The best way to proceed is to carefully read the nutrition label. Need help in understanding what to look for on those labels? We have a guide - check it out!

  • erin

    I believe the Nature Valley Protein bars are now GF & I have read in some parts of the country they are labeled as such, however I live outside of Boston Massachusetts and they are NOT labeled gluten free. I personally would not chance it- just thought I would put it out there for others who may not be as sensitive to gluten as I am!

    • theglutenfreebar

      Erin – thanks for the comment. We have not heard of General Mills labeling these as gluten-free. If someone has that info, please weigh in.

      • Sandra Graham

        I have seen the Almond Nature Valley Bars now being labeled as Gluten Free. I am hoping they are moving toward safe gluten free practices because it would be great to have more food options in the granola bar section!

        • Guest

          Nature Vally just came out with a line of granola bars called Roasted Nut Crunch that are GLUTEN-FREE. They come in two flavors: Almond and Peanut.

      • Sarah M Osier

        Nature Valley just come out with a new line of granola bars called Roasted Nut Crunch Bars that ARE gluten-free. They come in two flavors: Almond and Peanut.

      • Raymond Annette

        My husband loves the roasted Nut Crunch Almond granola bars. Much more tasty than most of the specifically gluten free bars!

  • kerri

    I have been sick on ones I thought were gluten free from the ingredient list. I agree with thier recommendation to avoid them. But then again I’m super sensitive.

  • IslandBreeze

    Of course, since YOU sell granola bars, you’re going to say that the Nature Valley Granola Bars are not gluten free. However, I am staring at my box right now, and besides the GLUTEN FREE sign on the front, the ingredients do NOT include oats. It’s one thing to promote your products, it’s another to lie about another company’s product. Perhaps you are talking about the regular ones, the ones that are NOT gluten free, but then you should be saying that… I won’t be buying your products because of this.

    • theglutenfreebar

      IslandBreeze – thank you for the comments. This information is meant to serve as a resource using the best information we have available. We would never intentionally lie about a company’s products to steer people towards our own. The Nature Valley bar situation is complicated (many flavors, constantly changing labeling) so we have updated this article to better reflect that (and yes, this article was referencing the “original” flavor). Thanks again for writing in and apologies for the confusion.

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